I’m Courtney. I’m always tired. I watch TV with subtitles on (come at me). I could eat popcorn for every meal and sometimes do. I wish I was a morning person, but I’m so not. I grew up with three sisters and one tiny bathroom and I still have a bit of a complex from it. The best high is writing a list and drawing a line through each item. I’m the best hype girl you will ever meet. Need someone to get excited for you? Hit me up. I can’t handle coffee so I only drink chai tea. I love singing songs out loud but always get the words wrong. I’m a strong believer in the oxford comma. My favorite movies growing up were Sandlot and Remember the Titans. Puns are the fastest way to my heart. I wear my hair in a tired girl bun 95% of the time. I’m 28 but have aches and pains like I’m 82. I forget more than I remember. I have anxiety and depression and every day is a battle to keep it at bay. I have chronic lyme disease, POTS, and CFS. I want to share my journey with chronic illness in hopes of connecting with and inspiring others who are struggling.

Disclaimer: I have Lyme brain, so if you came here for proper punctuation and grammar, you have come to the wrong place sis.